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Thank You to supporters of our team this past year

The members of The San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team want to send a special thanks to those who have supported our efforts with donations and support this past year. Monetary and in-kind support of all sizes and types from organizations and individuals near and far make a difference in our ability to perform our life-saving mission.

In the past year, donations large and small, grants and gifts-in-kind allowed us to replace aging equipment and purchase new equipment. Thanks again to those donors who helped make a positive impact on many lives.

Support our work as a full or partial item sponsor.

Every donation to San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team makes a difference in saving lives.

If you can help by donating the following items or underwriting all or part the cost of the items needed below, please contact us.

We are currently in need of the following:

10 New Petzel climbing helmets

10 New Black Diamond Ice axes

20 New avalanche beacons

10 Black Diamond Avalanche probes

Funding for the purchase of 20 Personal Fire Shelters

$1300 sponsorship of a new team member, which will cover the cost of all team-issued gear

6 Kenwood TK-2170 or TK-2140 Handheld Radios

A pallet of MRE's, for use during a major incident

a pallet of drinking water in pint or liter bottles, for use during a major incident

Thanks again to every organization and individual who help us save lives in our mission through financial support of our training, equipment and operations. We appreciate your gifts, and hope that others will join you in helping further the mission of the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team.

Enjoy Nature - Plan your Hike by filling out the Sheriff's Department's Hiking Plan Sheet.
Hiking/Camping is a fun way to get family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, and to get some physical activity. However, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You should tell family and friends what your plans are and provide a list of who will be going with you. That's why the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department would like to remind the residents of Los Angeles County that having a hiking/camping plan is crucial to survival in case of an emergency. Before you leave, please fill out Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue - Hiking Plan sheet and provide to a loved one to hold onto just in case something happens to a member of your hiking/camping expedition. You can download the form by visiting If you would like more information on how to prepare for your hiking / camping trip, please visit the Center for Disease Control's camping website
Become a team benefactor by donating through your work
Community support is essential for our team's success. There are several ways to help with support, including employee donations through employers or by planned giving. Visit the Support SDMRT Page for more information, or contact us today.
Love to hike?
Learn about interesting hikes in the local mountains. Read more at our Featured Hike Page.
Upcoming team community events
SDMRT is active in our local community year-round with education and information presentations at community fairs, schools and other public events. To request a demonstration or presentation please Contact Us.