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Disney VoluntEARs Grant: Grant-funded equipment used in life-saving mission.

During a Winter rescue on Mount Baldy, one of the Pulse-Ox units purchased with a grant from the Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund proved to be a very valuable tool. Team EMTs spent over 20 hours monitoring a seriously injured patient. Due to extremely bad weather and a Winter blizzard, the patient could not be safely evacuated by air or by ground.

The Pulse-Ox unit made it possible to immediately identify the need for more oxygen. Additional oxygen was hiked up 3-plus miles through the storm to the patient by alpine-trained mountaineers. Our EMTs said that in the middle of the situation, they really came to appreciate the ability to quickly assess not only O2 saturation, but also pulse rate. The grant provided a valuable tool which helped make a difference during a life-saving mission.

Thank you, to the amazingly-generous people at the Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund!

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